Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Free #EdTech - Apps For Your Class 1

     I can't speak for your school & classroom, but in ours the majority of my students have some type of smart device. A little over half of my Grade 8s have a device that they can have in the classroom with them and this percentage increases as my students get older. If they don't have their own, I have access to a class-set of iPads as well as my personal iPhone that I use in the classroom as well.
     With all of these resources at our fingertips, I've been closely watching to find new apps that I can share with my students and utilize in the classroom. One thing that I LOVE is finding awesome apps that are being offered for FREE when they are usually paid apps.
     As such, I decided to start a new type of post that I've titled Free #EdTech - Apps For Your Class where I'll share when I find great education apps that are being offered for free!
     Today I've found:
This easy-to-use voice effects app is the perfect tool to use when creating presentations, editing videos, composing songs, etc!
"Too get started, simply connect a paid of headphones and sing into your device..."
Effect options are all fully customizable and  include:
- Reverb
- Auto Pitch
- Chorus
- Delay
- Filter
- Distortion
Regular: $6.99, now FREE till tomorrow
edtech, #edtech, free apps, education apps
 edtech, #edtech, free apps, education apps

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