Monday, 12 March 2012

Resources To Start Off Your Week 8 (Electricity)

This Monday marks my first day at my second student teaching placement! What better way to start a new placement then with some new online resources. These resources are ones that I will be using once I start teaching the Electricity Unit. Remember, I will be adding these to my Favourite Websites page so ensure you head over there to check out the full list that I've complied so far.

1 ) Electric Circuits
- This interactive website allows students to explore electricity, specifically
   different types of circuits.
- This website would be awesome to create a webquest for our students, it
   even includes some specific trivia questions anyway!
- Very user-friendly.

2 )  The Virtual Circuit
- This interactive website allows students to learn about electricity and
   create their own virtual circuit.
- This website would be great for students who work better on a
   computer as opposed to hands-on projects. It would also be a good
   option for students if they missed an in-class experiment.
- There is quite a few pages of notes that need to be read through before
   they can begin the circuit experiment.

3 ) Manitoba Hydro Hazard Hamlet
- A website aimed at students Grade 5 and up that stresses the importance
  of electrical safety at home, school and on the farm.
- Teachers can use this website to provide information about different types
   of energy, the affects of electricity on humans and the environment and a
   history of electricity.

Happy Monday everyone!

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