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- A "YouTube-style" website housing educational videos.
- Teachers and students can search and view videos on a variety of educational topics.
- A big plus is that the videos can be downloaded and saved!
- http://www.edutube.org/

- An online educational community.
- Teachers can use this to network with colleagues and share educational resources,
  specifically lesson plans.
- Free!
- http://www.curriki.org/

Teacher Vision
- An online educational community.
- Teachers can use this to network with colleagues and share educational resources
  of all types.
- http://www.teachervision.fen.com/

The Canadian Teacher
- An online educational community.
- Teachers can use this to network with colleagues and share educational resources
  of all types, specifically handouts/worksheets.
- Bonus points for being Canadian!
- http://www.thecanadianteacher.com/

Inclusion Educator Checklist
- A great checklist that allows for teachers to gauge their level of inclusion in their
- No matter where you fall on the checklist, this is a great resource to help teachers
  maintain inclusion in their classrooms.
- Provided by TeachHub
- http://www.teachhub.com/inclusion-educator-checklist

- A lesson plan search engine that will search verified lesson plan websites that DO
  NOT charge for their materials!
- A great resource to search new materials to add to your classroom.
- http://www.edgalaxy.com/lesson-plan-search-engine/

Teacher Discounts List
- A comprehensive list of businesses that offer discounts for teachers and people in
  the educational field.
* Provides two links to free printables and labels before the list starts. Make sure you
  scroll down
- Provided by the Frugal Girls
- http://thefrugalgirls.com/teacher-discounts

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
- Larry Ferlazzo is AMAZING! I found his website by chance and have since been
  pushing it on every teacher and student teacher I know. Not only does he blog
  regularly on a variety of educational topics but he is continuously finding great
  resources to be used in the classroom.
- His "Best of" series can be found through his blog and archives lists of thousands of
  the "Best of" ed resources. Teachers can find anything they may need if they are
  teaching any subject or interested in learning more on professional development,
  classroom management or any other ed topic.
- Great job Larry, thank you!
- http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/

Educational Technology Guy
- David Andrade's blog, Educational Technology Guy, is great for finding
  the best new tech resources for the classroom. David often posts many times
  a day and not only has some great online resources but invaluable information
  on how to use them and how to troubleshoot them!
- You can scroll through the posts themselves or explore through any of the tabs
  David's included at the top of the blog to organize his resources.
- Definitely a blog to add to your Google Reader!
- http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.ca/

ICT Magic Wiki
- ICT Wiki is one of the biggest ed resources Wiki that I have been able to
  find. It has countless resources that can be used by teachers or students and
  it is my one-stop shop if I am looking for last minute resources to use during
  a lesson!
- Tabs at the side of this Wiki allow users to scroll through resources
   by specific subjects (math, english, etc) or by use (animations, images, etc).
- This is a very visually busy Wiki and it can be easy to miss information but there
   are GREAT resources summarized through this Wiki if you take the time to look.
- http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/

Teachers Printables
- Need organization? Then this website is your answer.
- This website offers free printables of everything a teacher needs to stay
   organized including lesson plan templates, parent-teacher communication
   logs, grading book templates and so much more.
- This could be your one-stop show if you are getting organized for next
  year or need to refresh your current setup.
- http://www.teachersprintables.net/

PBLU: Making Projects Click
- This new online social network for teachers is fully centered on Project Based
   Learning. Launched July 2012 this is a great resource for all of us to connect
   with other teachers, share project ideas and network to create collaborative
   projects for our students!
- PBLU is offering FREE two-week long online courses for those of us who are
   interested in taking part in some professional development. The
   classes listed on the website include how to launch a project, how to create a
   project calendar, how to manage a project, how to grade a project, how to
   showcase student work and how to get PBL teacher certification.
- http://www.pblu.org/

Technology Tailgate
- This network of blogs features daily posts on the best tech applications
   for the classroom. With posts written by 15 teachers, you can always
   find the best tech information for the classroom!
- http://technologytailgate.blogspot.ca/

10 TED Talks from Inspiring Teachers
- This article from the TED blog highlights 10 TED Talks from inspiring teachers
   from all around the globe.
- Definitely a list to check out if you are looking for a new perspective or some
   added inspiration this year!
- http://blog.ted.com/2012/07/31/10-talks-from-inspiring-teachers/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TEDBlog+%28TEDBlog%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

Lesson Planet
- Lesson Planet or, "The Search Engine for Teachers" features more than
   400,000 lesson plans and curriculum resources that have been reviewed and
   approved by other teachers. Their resources feature lesson plans, videos,
   images and presentations.
- This could be perfect if you are looking for a new way to present information,
   add a new element to your existing plans or if you are in a rush and need a
   lesson plan in a snap!
- http://www.lessonplanet.com/

Cybrary Man's Catalogue of Educational Websites
- This is a site I should have included when I featured my Best
- Cybrary Man aka Jerry Blumengarten is a former teacher extrordinar
  from New York who has been working since 1999 on compiling
  lists of resources for educators. 
- You can search by who you are (parent, teacher, student) but you
  can also search by grade level, subject area, classroom organization
  and much more!
- http://cybraryman.com/

Path of the Elders
- An amazing website about First Nations culture and heritage as 
  described by the Mushkegowuk Cree and Anishinaabe Ojibway Elders.
- Teachers can access primary source videos, letters, photos and audio clips, as well
  as detailed lesson plans.
- Very user friendly and great for students!!
- Bonus points for being so close to home (Ontario-based)

8th Fire Documentary Series
- You may recognize this resource as I posted about it herehere, and here!
- This CBC documentary series focuses on how First Nations and the
   government and citizens of Canada need to come together in a new time of
   peace and harmony.
- The documentary itself has 4 parts and discusses injustice, treaties, land rights,
   education, economics and much much more.
- If you can't tell from my multiple posts on this series, I HIGHLY recommend
  you take a chance to watch this series and share it with your students.

Native Reflections
- It is all well and good to try and incorporate First Nations perspective into
  a specific lesson or even an entire unit but when almost 50% of our students are
  coming from a First Nations background we should really be incorporating F.N
  perspective at ALL TIMES.
- Native Reflections is an amazing resource of educational resources that represent
  First Nations heritage and traditions! They have everything from lesson plan books
  and work sheets to bulletin board cut-outs and classroom carpets.
- I immediately signed-up to get one of their FREE catalogues delivered to me so I
  can start saving up for when I have my own classroom.
** A BIG thanks to Mrs. D for letting me know about this one! :)

I Am Indigenous Project
- I am Indigenous is a beautiful photography-based project that highlights individuals
  from Indigenous backgrounds. "This project seeks to change perceptions forged by
  stereotype one image at a time."
- I think the idea behind this website is wonderful and I really hope they will continue
  with their work!

Seven Generations Book Series: Teacher's Guide
- If you are looking for a book series to include in your classroom I recommend
  the Seven Generations graphic novel style book series! The series follows a young
  First Nations man, Edwin, who is seeking to understand his identity.
- Over the course of four books we see Edwin learn about his Plains Cree ancestors
  of the 19th Century, what it was like to live through the smallpox epidemic, his 
  father's experience at a residential school and how he moves forward with this
  new information.
- This FREE teacher's guide breaks down the curriculum outcomes met by this book
  and offers a lot of great lesson ideas!

D.D.S.B Resources for the Classroom
- The D.D.S.B Department of Aboriginal Education has a wonderful online database
  of teaching resources that anyone can access! They offer lesson plans, activity
  handouts and links to further resources on topics such as talking sticks, opening
  circles, the seven teachings and much more!
- These resources can be helpful in incorporating daily routines into your classroom
  as well as specific lesson ideas and projects.

Speaking My Truth: Reflections on Reconciliation & Residential Schools
- "How did we get to where we are now? Until we understand that, our future
   together as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples looks uncertain at best."
   Speaking My Truth is a collection of essays that, as the title suggests, speaks
   about Residential Schools and reconciliation in Canada.
- This book is at an easy reading level and is available as a FREE download or
   e-book. You can even order FREE print copies for your classroom (I've
   ordered a full class set)!
- You could use these essays during a specific unit on residential schools or
   even as a way to incorporate every-day aboriginal perspective into your
   English class.

 Blogging Prompts for Teacher Candidates
- This collaborative Google Doc project features hundreds of writing
   prompts for teacher candidates (and any person in the education
- Topics include issues related to ethical use of technology, pedagogy,
  ed tech & cognition, personal tech habits, tech tools, issues with
  access, future of education and more!
- I will definitely be using the ideas in this document in the future!

- Knowmia is a great resource for teachers that hosts over 10,000 video lessons
  designed for classroom use. Teachers can search through videos by subject areas
  like English, Math and Social Studies as well as subcategories like Grammar,
  Algebra and Geography.
- Videos are created by teachers in the subject area and uploaded directly onto the
  site. Many of these videos are also available on YouTube through the teachers'
  individual accounts but by hosting the videos on Knowmia the ads and suggested
  videos lists (which are sometimes inappropriate) are eliminated. It is also perfect for
  schools or divisions that filter out YouTube on the school server.
- Knowmia also offers tech tools for creating video lessons and interactive homework
  assignments. They also offer training and information on using videos in the
  classroom and the flipped classroom model.
- I really like how easy it is to navigate through videos and find ones that best fit the
  subject and topic level that I am looking for.

Teacher's Guide To Blooms Taxonomy Infographic
- Bloom's taxonomy plays a vital role in education and all it takes is a
  quick Google search to find several images of the taxonomy with
  several helpful descriptions of each stage. What I like about this one,
  however, is that it provides instruction and assessment examples for
  each stage.
- It can be easy to say that the "Analyze" level involves examining key
  elements, but what does that actually look like in the classroom? This
  diagram has that!

"Buy A Dictionary" Posters
- In my classroom I strive to provide a risk-free environment where all
  students are free to be themselves without fear of discrimination based on
  disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other means.
- One aspect of this includes using positive language and staying away from
  phrases that have negative connotations associated with them. These two
  posters, created by Alison Rowan Designs, do a great job of showcasing
  all of the other options that are available in place of sayings that can be

Need Help Now- Social media plays a BIG role in our student's lives and, unfortunately, they
  sometimes find that there is too much information about them available online.
  Whether they have purposefully shared this information, or they find themselves
  the victims of  having someone else share information/pictures/videos/etc without
  their permission, this website is a great support.
- This website gives students practical information and support in regards to getting
  pictures/videos of themselves removed from online sources, dealing with peers who
  are distributing these pictures/videos, providing counselling support and much

21st Century K.W.L Chart- I love using different versions of the traditional K-W-L chart so I was
  really excited when I saw this new version used by Victoria Olson. It
  allows students to not only ask questions about what they want to know
  but also develop a plan in order to find the answers and move forward.
- This updated K.W.H.L.A.Q Chart allows students to fill in: What do I
  know? What do I want to know? How do I find out? What have I learned?
  What action will I take? What new questions do I have?
- https://twitter.com/MsVictoriaOlson/status/338855616703508482

Cybrary Man Rubrics Page- Jerry Blumengarten (AKA Cybrary Man) is an amazing online
  curator whose website features over 20,000 online resources for
- His dedicated Rubrics Page features links to pre-made rubrics, rubric-
  creation websites, and helpful articles about rubrics & assessment. This
  is definitely something to check out if you need to revamp your assessment
  system or find that perfect rubric to modify for a new project.
- http://cybraryman.com/rubrics.html

The MOOC List
- This website features information about upcoming MOOCs
  (Massive Open Online Courses) that anyone can participate and benefit
  from! It takes information from other MOOC sites like Coursera, Open
  Learning, EdX, etc and puts all the information in one nice, clear list.
- This website is a great place to visit if you are interested in some free,
  online PD or you could use it to research MOOCs for your students who
  may need extra enrichment.

Interactive Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel
- Bloom's Taxonomy, most often represented as a wheel, is an
  important aspect of a teacher's planning to ensure students not only
  understand information but can also utilize it effectively in various
- This interactive wheel would be perfect for new teachers who are
  becoming familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy or simply a good review
  for teachers at any level. It allows the user to explore each of the  6
  levels on the taxonomy, understand what each of them means, and get
  ideas of what activities fit in with each level.
- There are even specific links for teachers to explore various ed tech
  tools that meet each level!

Reading Posters
- This posting features 24 different posters about reading that could be a
  great addition to a classroom or reading nook.
*Some posters do contain mature language & would need to be modified
  or altered before being used in the classroom.

ICT Magic's PLN Map
- This interactive map allows users to visualize the Twitter PLN. Educators
  can add their work location and teaching category (primary, secondary,
  resource, etc) to the map at any time!
- This is a neat project to show how information travels around the world
  (this project started with a simple Tweet) and to show how big the Twitter
  PLN actually is.
- Add yourself to this map by following the link :)



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