Sunday, 13 April 2014

Good Things Sunday

    This post is inspired by the stories at the collaborative blog, One Good Thing.

- I have a student in one of my classes who is dealing with
  many personal issues both at school and at home. As such,
  their attendance is very sporadic which results in them falling
  behind and feeling left out and frustrated when they are present.
  This week they were present for two of our three math classes.
  In the first class they were uncooperative and didn't attempt
  anything during the hour. In the second class, they not only
  allowed me to sit with them, but they even smiled while we
  worked together on an assignment. It may seem like a small
  accomplishment but it us it was huge :)

- I held a 10-station science lab for my Grade 9 class on
  Physical & Chemical Changes for out unit on Chemistry.
  One station involved mixing corn starch (which I had labeled
  as mystery powder) and water together and students were
  asked to play around with the substance and identify what
  type of change they were witnessing. While many students
  had seen this trick before in other classes or at home, I had
  some students in which this was completely new for them.
  Seeing the uninhibited wonder on their faces as they tried to
  figure out what they just created was priceless!

     What good things happened in your week?

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