Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Thank You!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

     This Christmas was the first time my fiance and I have had Christmas at our house with just the two of us (all other years we have traveled back and forth between our parents' places). The reason for this is because this year we are all traveled out after spending the 8 days before Christmas in the Dominican Republic!! We traveled with my fiance's family and it was an amazing time, we are so thankful that we got to go on such a fun trip. Although going from +32C to -30C was a big shocker!!

     Since we have gotten back I have been cooking a lot. I hosted Christmas Eve supper at our house and have also been doing a lot of baking that I plan on delivering to friends and family this evening. I have also been organizing our home because we have a newly renovated office!! Although we are still waiting to purchase desks and filing cabinets, we have brand new flooring and....... a brand new BOOKCASE!

     Ah the organization! My wonderful dad, with help from my fiance, built this bookcase for me to house all of our books that had previously been sitting in boxes. I am so excited!! We still have a lot of unpack and organize but it is slowly coming together. We finally have a place for all those teaching resources we have been accumulating. The room had previously just been used as storage and was pretty much unusable space but now it is organized and beautiful. Thanks dad! :)


     I would also like to thank the wonderful ladies who participated in my 12 Days of Christmas Linky Giveaway! It was my very first time hosting a linky party and I wish I could have drawn more people out but, as you now know, I was in the Dominican and had to rely on scheduled posts! Perhaps if I was around I could have done more networking but that's ok! I still had three great blogs link up and participate :)
     If you haven't already taken an opportunity to check them out, here they are:

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Thank you again ladies for linking up and participating in my first linky event!

Happy holidays everyone :)

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