Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What Makes A Good Portfolio?

     A major component of almost ALL of our Faculty of Education classes is our professional portfolio. This is what we will use to "sell ourselves" and let potential employers know what we have to offer their schools. It can be electronic:
- Website
- Blog
- Slide-share
- PowerPoint
- etc
Or it can be done in a hard-copy form:
- Scrapbook
- Binder
- File System
- etc

     I had started a portfolio last year when I first entered the Faculty of Education but now, looking back at it, I realize that it is not the best reflection of who I am. In that short period of time, I have definitely learned a lot and I wanted my portfolio to reflect that. So right before I began student teaching again this semester I started working on revamping what I already had.

     Naturally, one of my first steps was to ask the Twitter-world, "what makes a good portfolio?" and I received some really good feedback. Unfortunately, Twitter is not currently letting me access my tweets from that far back so I can't share them with you right now :(

     Right now I feel like my portfolio is as complete as it can get until I go out student teaching again. There is definitely more that I want to add, but I need completed student work first! So I am taking a REALLY BIG step for me and publicly posting my portfolio for others to critique. Be nice but be honest. Any feedback would be helpful as I really want it polished before I go for interviews next spring/summer.

** All contact info that is on my portfolio is available on other places on the web so there is no sensitive information being shared without permission!


  1. It looks really good to me Kristen!

    If I still had the names of all my workshop presenters from over the years I would definitely consider adding those to my own portfolio and creating an online one to forward with applications. As it is, I only have the names of the ones who signed my certificates, and I don't have certificates for a few.

    1. Thanks Mrs. D!
      I'm in a similar boat, I only have physical certificates for a few of my workshops. I find that only our university-sponsored ones have given out certificates. I am not sure why.

  2. I think it looks awesome! I may have to redo my online one eventually to make it look more professional. I love how you included the students' opinions of you. The principal where I currently work told me that the students are your most honest critics, so if they think you are doing a great job, you really must be!

    1. Thank you Angel! I definitely agree! Students are so truthful (good and bad sometimes haha) so I wanted to include their opinion too. I am glad that you think it is a good idea because I just added it in recently


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