Monday, 26 March 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 10

     Hooray for Spring Break! I must admit that with all my planning during my methods classes I am actually able to relax during the holidays (somewhat). I am lucky enough to be spending my time wedding dress shopping with friends and family! Thanks to another education student and blogger (check her out here) I found this great resource which I thought would be the perfect website to explore during Spring Break. Remember, I will be adding these to my Favourite Websites page so ensure you head over there to check out the full list that I've complied so far.

1 ) Trending Education
- This amazing website has compiled all the great ways educators can
  use technology like Google, Wiki's, YouTube, blogs, etc in the classroom!
- Not only does this website introduce you to great online resources you may
  have never heard of before but it walks you through all those little tricks that
  make life so much easier!

Happy Monday and Spring Break everyone!


  1. Great blog, great tips! I am your newest follower! :)
    Rachel Supalla

  2. Thanks Rachel! I appreciate your support :)

  3. I pinned this great resource, and love the things you find online! Thanks so much, Carolyn


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