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Math Landing
- This website is one of those websites that has it all! It is the go-to resource
   for math teachers, especially teachers who may not be strong at math (like me)!
- Teachers can search through different Professional Development articles regarding
   math-related topics like understanding how learning disabilities affect math and
   classroom culture.
- There are also seven sets of Classroom Collections that feature learning tools,
   videos, games and much more to assist in developing different math skills.

- Sumdog is a host of countless math-based online games that cover over 120
   numeracy skills; everything from adding and number order to variables and
- Teachers can sign up their students as a class and they can then work towards
   collective goals or compete against one another! Games can also be played
   against other schools in a safe online environment.
- This was the FAVOURITE website of my Grade 5 students during my student
   teaching placement at "C-School", they couldn't wait to get on it during free time.

Mudd Math Fun Facts!
- Created by the Havey Mudd College Math Department, this website features
  fun and creative puzzles, riddles and images that highlight a specific math skill.
- Students can work their way through different math concepts through poker
  games, sports scores, music and much more! This website could be a great
  activating strategy and a good way to show students how math is important in
  their daily lives.

Illustrative Mathematics
-  Illustrative Mathematics features lesson activities for every grade from Kindergarten
   through High School. Lesson activities may include illustrations, diagrams and
   written expressions.
- Teachers could pull material for their own lessons or use the website as an
   enrichment activity for students to work through independently (depending on their age).

Math Mistakes
- This GREAT website features a different incorrectly-solved math problem
   each day. Teachers and students can go over the problem together to determine
   what the student may have been thinking. Why did they solve it that way? Where
   did they go wrong? What should they have done differently?
- Seeing what went wrong is a great way to teach different math concepts and this
   could be a great activating strategy to do at the beginning of each class!
- Teachers can also search by concept or grade if you would like to find a specific
   mistake for your class.

Geometry Daily
- Geometry Daily is a Tumblr account, operated by a graphic designer from
  Germany that features a new geometric shape each day.
- Teachers could use these images when teaching angles, symmetry, perimeter,
   area, rotation, reflection, translations... the options are endless!

Math Dictionary
- This simple to use math (and science) dictionary can be used by clicking
   on a specific letter and searching through a list of words from there. There
   are about 100 words provided and it may not be suitable to some higher
   level math concepts so you may to preview it to make sure it has the words
   you are wanting for your students.
- This could be a great resource for students to be introduced to new
   concepts, to review concepts or could be used in part of a webquest
   or other assignments.
Math Moves U
- Math Moves U is a really cool interactive online math game site that
   is designed to engage students and create fun learning opportunities.
   Designed around a middle school setting, there are three levels of difficulty:
   under Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8+.
- Students can play various games that focus on math concepts, enter
   different contests, participate in live events, apply for scholarships and
   a lot more!
- Watch the intro, it does an amazing job of explaining the vision behind the

A+ Click Math Skill Tests
- This math website has a trove of over 2000 math problems
   designed to help students practice their math skills in one minute
   WITHOUT the use of calculators.
- One of the best features of this website is its easily searchable
   interface that features problems organized by grade level and by
   math concept.
- This could be an easy source for activating strategies if you have
   a math problem on the board at the start of every class or it could
   be an easy review tool.

Money Metropolis & Other Practical Money Games
- This website allows students to play a game that requires them to pick
  savings goals, complete tasks to earn money and resist the temptation
  to spend their money on things other than their goals!
- This is a great website for students to practice math skills and life skills
  in a setting that mimics situations they will actually experience in everyday
  life! There are a total of 8 different games that can meet the needs of all
  of your students!
* The music on this website is VERY loud, turn down your volume beforehand!

Good Video Sources for ________
- I love to include video clips when I'm teaching. It is a great
  way to differentiate your instructional method and can be really
  engaging for our students who have essentially grown up around
  a television screen.
- Richard Byrne at, Free Technology for Teachers, has been posting
  an awesome series of great video sources by subject area. Each post
  is subject specific and features about ten online resources to check
  out to find educational videos to include in the classroom. The great
  part is that, in the comments section of the post, visitors have also
  been sharing their favourite video sources too!
* If you want to learn more about using video in the classroom,
  check out my previous article, More Than Just Bill Nye... Using
  Video in the Classroom
Social Studies Video Sources
Science Video Sources
Math Video Sources

Scholastic: Study Jams
One of the fun things I try to include in my classes is a music lesson to meet the
  needs of my musical learners and provide a new, engaging opportunity for my
  students. More often than not, this is provided in the form of various YouTube
  videos put out by other teachers/students, but Study Jams has now provided
  a new platform for this!
- Put out by Scholastic, Study Jams features math and science songs to help
  students learn and understand various vocabulary and concepts. Students
  can watch videos, test their knowledge, and sing along with songs created for
  educational purposes.
- While it states that it is created for elementary students I would use certain
  videos with middle years and it would be a great website for differentiating

Graphing Stories
- This project by Dan Meyer & BuzzMath is a neat, engaging way to
  practice graphing with your students. This website features short video
  clips depicting various real-life situations/stories that ask students to
  graph what they see. Students are provided with pre-labeled graphs &
  videos can be searched by type (constant, linear, increasing, etc).
- This website would be perfect for those teachers who do mental math
  with their students and I love the fact that students can actually see the
  real-life application as opposed to an abstract written question.

4Mula Fun Math Blog
- This is a new blog that I found this summer through Pinterest. This
  year I am teaching Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grade 10 math and I
  really need some inspiration and examples.
- Jennifer posts some awesome lesson plans, activity suggestions, and
  helpful tutorials! Some of my favourites that I've actually used this
  year already are "Math About Me" and "Interactive Math
- This blog is a great resource if you are teaching math!

Resource Lists To Accompany Grade 8: Math Makes Sense - If your school has the Math Makes Sense set of textbooks from Pearson
  then you might find this website really helpful! The Hastings & Prince
  Edward District School Board has put together a list of online resources
  that align with each of the chapters in the Math Makes Sense textbook.
- Resources include activities for the SMART Board, supplementary
  practice, and enrichment options. If you follow the textbook closely in
  your classroom then you will appreciate that they've even gone as
  detailed as to list the page numbers that they are aligned with!
- If you are like me and don't necessarily use a textbook, this website
  still has a lot of supplementary math resources that can be used to teach
  the concepts in Grade 8 math!
Explore The MathTwitterBlogosphere (MTBoS)
- This 8-week series of challenges are designed to assist
  educators in exploring the online resources that can be found
  through Twitter, Blogs, etc. This is the perfect challenge for educators
  who are interested in expanding the PLN and connecting with other
  educators who are sharing about their experiences with math.
- As a new math teacher I am really looking forward to finding other
  educators who are blogging about math. I hope to connect with
  educators and find some lesson plan ideas that I can modify for my
- Follow them on Twitter at @ExploreMTBos

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