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- Who doesn't love the Scholastic organization? This website has countless teacher,
  student and parent resources.
- Bonus points for being an organization that is supported by many school divisions!
- http://www.scholastic.com/

You Are What You Read
- What  five books have shaped your life? This is a children's social networking site
   based around literature.
- Teachers can use this website as a means for students to connect with other
   people based on their literature preferences
- Very user-friendly!
- http://youarewhatyouread.scholastic.com/kids/

Story Bird
- A website for creating online narrative stories using visual art prompts.
- Teachers can use this website to encourage writing assignments and it is the
   perfect platform for sharing stories online (link to your classroom blog, email
   to parents, receive meaningful feedback, etc).
- The illustrations are gorgeous, funny, and engaging for students!
- http://www.storybird.com/

- A website for making online comic characters and stories.
- This website has lots of options and teachers can use this to encourage
   writing or have as an option to use during projects.
- Very user-friendly, fun to use and appeals to many children.
- http://www.toondoo.com/

Storyline Online
- This website features videos of children's books being read aloud by members
   of the Screen Actor's Guild! Who wouldn't want to listen to Betty White reading
   a story?
- Each story has an associated activities guide and subtitles so children can read
- http://storylineonline.net/

Tween Tribune
- This website is the one stop shop for daily news for teens and "tweens".
  Tween Tribune compiles and organizes daily news into easily navigable categories
  so students can find news that is interesting and relevant for them.
- Great for English projects and Social Studies but any subject can be searched if
  students are stuck on research project ideas or looking to find out more about a
- http://tweentribune.com/

Online British Library: Virtual Books
- This website allows users to flip through virtual copies of many great
  pieces of work from Mozart's Diary and Leonardo's Sketches to
  The Original Alice in Wonderland and Masterpieces of the Renaissance.
- Great for social studies projects on primary resources and English
  projects on different types of literature throughout history.
- Students love the interactive feature of being able to flip through
  these books!
- http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/ttp/ttpbooks.html

- One of my new favourite websites allows users to pick a famous news
  website (CNN, Fox News or The New York Times) and FULLY customize
  it to create a realistic version of their own information.
- This website would be great for teaching students about the legitimacy of
  online information: can they find the incorrect or hoax information?
- With some work, you could also customize the website to include all the
  information needed for a research or inquiry project. Students just need to
  visit your newspaper and viola!
- Students could also use this website to create a newspaper that presents
  information from a research project they completed.
- http://newsjack.in/

Kids WB The Wizard of Oz
-  A cute website to accompany a Wizard of Oz unit. This website provides
   images and video clips from the original movie, activities, games,
   downloads and product purchases.
- http://www.kidswb.com/wizard-of-oz/

Spelling City
- This is a great website for spelling and vocabulary practice. Users can search
   through spelling lists, take practice tests, play online games and activities and
   much more!
- Not only can this be a great resource for in the classroom but it
  could also work perfect for parents who are helping their students with their
  spelling at home. It could also be one of those go-to websites that students
  can access during free time.
- http://www.spellingcity.com/

Pin-a-Tale: Literary Map of Britain
- This interactive map showcases places within Britain that have influenced
  famous literary works over the past 1,000 years. Users can select the location
  to learn more about what piece of literature it is associated with, the author, how
  the location has changed over time, etc.
- This could be a great website to use when completing certain novel studies or you
  could use it as a model and have your students create their own map! Think of the
  map you could have by the end of the year/term if you plotted the location from
  every novel, short story, poem, etc that you cover over the course of a year!
* This is a collaborative project and some locations have more information than
- http://www.bl.uk/pin-a-tale/pin-a-tale-map.aspx

Scholastic Story Starters
- Story Starters is the perfect website if you have students who get
  "writers block" as soon as they sit down to write or often complain that
  they have "no idea what to write about out". Students can choose from
  adventure, fantasy, sci-fi genres or the "scrambler" option that chooses
- This website is incredibly engaging and allows students to pick four
  options from a slot-machine that results in them having a story starter
  including characters and settings that fit in with their genre choice.
* Designed for Grade 5 and under

- This website is a great resource for English teachers as well as students who
   are completing writing assignments! StoryToolz features tools such as story
   idea generators, conflict generators, story title ideas, and even a cliche buster
- StoryToolz can be a great tool to help your students who experience writer's
   block or to help your students get out of their shell and write about new ideas.


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